Delicious yet easy vegan cheesecake recipe

25. March 2016 in Allgemein / Food


It might seem a bit weird showing a vegan cheesecake recipe and not being vegan… BUT I love food. I love growing it, preparing it and most of all eating it. Naturally it interest me how others perceive food as well.  In this post I am introducing you to a close friend


Björn in the MoMA in Frankfurt

of mine Björn, who has converted to a vegan lifestyle*. He is a passionate and experimental cook, who also always checks the ingredients in products and the effects they have on our bodies. Our conversations (also on the phone) are filled with food talk, exchanging ideas on how to prepare foods, spices and herbs which could be fitting to compliment their taste and even help them explode with flavour. Björn is  a 34 year old urbano** with a modern chic style to be found in his interior as well as fashion. So how does such a guy become vegan and then bake one of the best cheesecakes I have ever had…?!? I was lucky to be invited for cheesecake and tea and while we waited for the baby to bake and cool down (which we were not very good at☺️) I chatted to him about his tips on how to accomplish the changeover, costs involved and how one´s lifestyle change after going vegan.

*Björn followed a vegan diet for half a year and has now converted to a vegetarian.

**urbano –  A fun, loving, energetic, athletic and charming person. A great friend, and excellent dedicated boyfriend. Strong and masculine character, and with a strong and masculine name must be straight.

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Boyfriend coat: 3 Styles

8. March 2016 in Style


I have been eyeing this boyfriend coat for ages. My heart has been shouting: I am in love😍, but my wallet has been telling me noooo… So how great was my delight when I finally went to bring my new beautiful baby home and it was reduced👏👏👏 Thank you Zara!

This short boyfriend coat is easy to wear or just throw over short, long, sporty, smart, casual outfits. Because it is oversized you can fit everything like t-shirts, tops, sweaters, hoodies, jerseys (all at once) underneath. Everybody who leaves the house early in the morning and return only late at night can relate to this layering problem. Also if you have had to much to eat, you can just button up because there´s plenty of space😂 To show you just how versatile this coat is, I will show you 3 totally different looks on how to style it.

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Something fishy like fried anchovies…

24. November 2015 in Food




I love food… I love cooking it and most of all, I love it when people cook for me. The absolutely best is, when it happens to be one of my favorite meals ever…ANCHOVIES…Fried anchovies. My friend Kay calls them Hamsis though. That is what they call it in Turkey. He came over the other day and prepared these delicious babies👏👏👏 Anchovies are quite cheap, you just have to get a good season. they usually tell me when the season was not that good. If you don’t have a shop where you usually do your shopping, then just ask. If you are very critical, then see if the anchovies are nice and fat ☺️ We had it with a mixed salad and home made french fries. Heaven !!! Continue reading if you want to see how we prepared this easy and scrumptious meal.

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Poncho Looks: 3 ways how to wear yours

16. November 2015 in Style





So autumn is here and the leaves have turned red and yellow and I just love the glow that it causes in the air. I also just love my new poncho I got the other day😍 I love the grey colour which is easy to combine. Also the style allows you to not only wear it the way it is usually worn as a poncho, but in this post I can show you how I jazz it up with a few extra items or just drape it in a different way. So if you want ideas on how to wear your poncho, continue reading …

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Younique 3D Fiber Lash Review

4. November 2015 in Beauty



I was so excited when Lowana Hernandez from Younique offered to send me the Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara to try. My patience was really tested as I waited 2 days before I could open it and have a peek. The reason for this being, as I was doing a review and a demonstration, I wanted to share everything with you … from the very beginning as I unpacked the parcel. You can watch my video on the Younique 3D Fiber Lash here. 

If you like having full and long eyelashes, but do not feel like wearing falsies, then you should try this mascara. I always have this terrifying thought of the lashes becoming loose at the end and sticking up. Unfortunately this is a true experience. Luckily I had my friend Viv at my side to inform me of this 😳 This mascara instantly gives me more lashes 😃Continue reading and see for yourself.

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