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15. July 2015 in Beauty
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Favourite summer fragrances.  Lieblings Sommerdufte.

If you ask any of my friends, I am known to never exit a shop without trying a perfume. I find this the perfect opportunity to whizz on a few drops and see how it develops later on. It could be one that has just entered the market or one that has been around but I have never gotten around to try it. Finding a “new” perfume is an ongoing task. Today, I thought I would introduce my favourite summer fragrances. Perhaps I can entice you to try one…..

In no particular order, I will introduce these babies to you in a clockwise order.

1. Un Jardin en Méditerranée from Hermes

I remember in 2011 the fragrance market was all about “A garden on the Roof” Un Jardin Sur Le Toit. Literally on my way to purchase it, it seemed like everybody that I passed on my way had just been to that garden on the exact same roof. I knew then, that I could not call it my own. Instead I found a garden along the Mediterranean Sea in Tunisia. What a surprise that Un Jardin en Méditerranée was composed in 2003 already. The combination of fig and mediterranean citrus all wrapped up in one. It is fresh, sharp and spicy with an elegant twist. This brings on feelings of bliss and being happy.

2. Blu Mediterraneo Ginepro di Sardegna from Acqua di Parma 

I am not sure whether the fact that I love gin has got anything to do with the fact that I love this Eau de Toilette.  It has loads of juniper berries mixed with different kinds of pepper and bergamot. The result is warm and spicy yet refreshing. I find this fragrance oozes sophistication. To mind comes those advertisements they show in the cinema of elegant holidayers on a yacht.

3. Untitled L’eau from Maison Martin Margiela

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh is the first thought that came to my mind when I smelled this the first time. It reminds me of freshly cut grass mixed with citruses and just a tiny hint of spice. I have the feeling that this scent keeps me cool and gives off the appearance of me being cool and keeping it together even on the hottest of summer days.

4. Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi from Acqua di Parma 

Somehow I never thought you sweet scents being refreshing on hot days until I was introduced to this fragrance. This is the entrance to a warm and intoxicating fruit garden. It smells of ripe and creamy figs, yet it is quite refreshing with the citrus mix in it. I can see myself in a garden blooming with different fruits. The fruits hanging low, as they are so ripe and ready to be eaten.

5. Vol d´Hirondell from Laurent Mazzone

Usually if someone should say citrus, I would associate it with fresh, clean, simple or straight. This must be the first citrus scent that I have ever tried that has such a unusual complexity about it. On top the citrus is light and I just want to bite into it. On the bottom however, I get drawn into a musky underworld.


All of these perfumes/ Eau de Toilettes are unisex, which seems to be the trend with a lot of  summer fragrances. They are refreshing but in their own unique way. The longevity lies around 3-6 hours. This could differ depending which soap or body lotion you used before application. So, if you are looking for something unique for summer, give these a try.

Do you have any uncommon fragrances that you like to use? I love trying new ones, so leave me a comment.





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