Maybelline the Nudes eyeshadow palette

2. October 2015 in Beauty
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Maybelline the Nudes Palette

Maybelline the Nudes Palette

Factors that lead me to actually purchase an eyeshadow palette would be, the awesome colours of course, the saleslady did such a great job in the shop (sometimes I even just like one colour….sigh), the size is perfect for travelling, there is a hype about it and oh, did I mention packaging?!? The Nudes eyeshadow palette from Maybelline was foremost because of the hype.

After the palette was released it was sold out instantly for a long time. Not only was that the reason for me not doing a review, but somehow I could not get used to the colors. Really weird. Usually I am a NC44 and it seemed the colors had a more pink undertone and were to ashy for me. But, i was not going to let this one get away from me that easily. After experimenting, I found my current everyday favourites. The eyeshadows are so versatile, I am using them all over my face and it is great for day and night looks. In this post I show you how to use The Nudes eyeshadow palette for more than just eyeshadow, which makes it perfect for traveling. I went away for the weekend and forced myself to take as little with as possible so that everything would fit into one make up bag


Just to give you an idea of what the colours look like on me…



To begin with…

I started off by applying my foundation, concealer and powder.

Foundation: Armani Meastro in number 8.

Concealer: Diorskin star concealer in number 3

Luminizer: Touche Éclat in number 5

Powder  : under my eyes – Ben Nye´s banana powder

: on my face – MAC Prep and Prime transparent finishing powder

Let´s get started with the daytime look …


Whenever I do my make up, I always start with my eyebrows. I see many you tubers doing it afterwards, but forme it builds a frame. I get a better sense of how far to blend the eyeshadow, highlighter, etc. For this I used the 2 colors as shown in the picture on the left. The top one is matt taupe colour and at the bottom it is a matt brown. I use both to add definition and texture. I recently bought the eyebrow brush in the picture. It was super cheap and is really great. The bristles are hard which is super for precise application. For example, little short strokes to recreate hairs.

eyebrow colours

2 colours I used for my eyebrows.

eyebrow brush

Eyebrow brush


Eyebrows done







used to cover the whole eye

Matt nude colour

Warm shimmery brown

Warm shimmery brown

Matt brown

Matt brown







  • I started off by using the nude matt colour all over the eye, up till just below the eyebrow. I did this with the brush that came with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I used the fluffy side.
  • After this I applied the warm shimmery brown shadow just on the lid up till the crease. For this I used the same brush and same side.
  • I also applied the shimmery brown colour under my lower lashes. To do this I used the Urban Decay brush but the more stiff side.
  • I used the matt brown to blend the shimmery brown shade and add definition to the crease. To do this I used my Sigma SS217 blending brush.
Eyeshadow brush

Eyeshadow brush from the UD Naked 3

Lower eye

Shimmery brown colour below my lower lashes


Blending and accentuating the crease with a SS217

Defining the eyelashes…

  • I used the matt brown (that I used earlier for my brows and crease) in between my lower lashes. I don’t really go lower than the lashes itself as I just want my lashes to appear fuller.
  • I used the matt black to define my upper lashes. Also here, I stay close to the lash line.

This eyebrow brush is perfect to define the lashes

Lower lash

Defining the lower lashes


Using this matt black to define the lashes

Rest of face
  • I used the matt brown colour to contour under my cheekbone as well as under my jawbone. I also used it on the side of my temples. I use this with a real light hand though! If your are a few shades lighter than I am, you could probably use the two colours, second from the outside in the top row.
  • I used the light shimmery colour as a highlight. On the cheekbone, on my cupid´s bow, under my eyebrows and in the corners of my eyes. Once again, use lightly or you will have a white spot where you have applied it. You can always build it up.
  • With a thin pointy brush, I used the matt brown to outline my lips.

Mini Real Technique brush. Perfect for traveling.


Pointy brush

Shimmery light colour used for highlighting

Last touches …
  • For my lips I used a lip balm. I then used my finger (changing fingers as I went along) for the warm shimmery brown and applied it just in the middle of my lips.
  • I curled my lashes and applied mascara.
The finished daytime look

Daytime Look


Let´s get started with the nighttime look …

The nice thing about the nudes eyeshadow palette is that you can use it for the night too. So you can just build up from your day make up.

Starting with the eyes
  • I started off by applying the warm dark brown shadow on the eyelid till in the crease. I then used my blending brush to blend just the part in the crease (not on the lid part).
  • IMG_6381 (1)

    Layered eyeshadow

    I then used the bronze colour and applied that on top of the brown. Again blending out the crease part.

  • Then I used the golden shadow on top of those two colours, also blending out the crease.
  • I repeated these steps.
  • I then used the black on top of those colours and blended out the crease part. I did not go out too high, but rather more outwards.
  • Then I repeated the first 3 colours twice and did another layer of black.
  • I then repeated the first 3 colours.
  • This probably sounds crazy, but by doing this I am just adding depth and dimension and this also helps the shadow last forever.

Warm brown with a bit of a gold undertone


Deep bronze colour


Gold shadow







  • Under the lower eyelashes I repeated the above steps. This time, as opposed to the daytime look, i dragged the colours a bit more lower than the lash.
  • I mixed 3 shadows: gold and the shimmery light colours. The one the top right corner has  another of pearl shine to it. After dabbing the mixed colours with a pencil brush in the inner corner of my eye, I blended the edges into the colours on my upper lid and below my lower eyelashes. Not further than one quarter.

Gold shadow


Light shimmery colour


Shadow with mother of pear shimmer







  • I then took the black on my eyebrow brush and pressed the black shadow into my upper and lower lashes so that they were really defined.

Rest of face
  • I repeated the contouring steps as well as the steps for the lips.
  • I did however, apply a nude lipgloss after i applied the brown shimmery eyeshadow.
  • I then added a little bit of Mac´s peach blusher for some warmth.

The finished nighttime look …


Nighttime look

Do you need this palette … ?

If you don´t have a nude palette yet and you´re on a low budget…then it´s a good way to start.
  • You pay 12 euros for 10 colours, which is great price:-)
  • The colours are on the sheer side, but therefore I can use the copper colour on its own during the day. This is my favorite colour in the palette:-)/:-/
  • If you happen to be a beginner, various methods to apply the shadows in different combinations are shown on the back
  • I felt the two second colours from the outside in the top row were very similar and for my skintone too ashy:-/
  • The shimmery colours have a nice amount of shimmer and you don´t have to fear glitter particles:-)
  • Be careful of fallout…!
  • You can use the shadows for different parts of the face
The bottom line …

For an everyday use or a beginner it´s great:-), but there are more pigmented colours out there.

Do you own this or other nude palettes? Which looks do you like to create for  day and night? Would love to hear which nude palettes are your favourite.

Until the next time and stay as awesome as you are.





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