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19. October 2015 in Beauty
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I have been noticing the products from Goodskin Labs in Douglas (probably because most of them are pinkĀ šŸ™ˆ), but I have never gotten around to trying them. Until, I visited my friend Petra in Cologne, who was trying out the Pore-365. Since I have huge pores, I thought I would give it a try, especially since they have miniatures on sale. At that time, the Circleplex-2 just came onto the shelves in Douglas. To promote this eye cream, it was offered with a True Hydration sample. Naturally, I had to get this as well:-) I have been using these products for over 5 weeks now and will be sharing my view in this post. So, continue reading if you want my take on it.

Ā Review of the Goodskin Labs products:

Contact lenses container


2 different textures for day and night


Day and night eye creams

The packaging is the cutest that I have seen in ages !!! I think the idea to dress the container as a contact lens holder is so whacky. This gets 10 out of 10 points from me. To get to the review… I like the fact that there are 2 different eye creams. Due to my skin being combination and me tending to get really oily in my T-Zone, I prefer lighter skincare during the day. On the other hand, I also feel that I need to give my skin more nourishment for the night, as the skin is working and absorbing more then. This is just my opinion though. The circleplex-2 lives up to that for me. The white lid contains the eye cream for the day and the blue lid, the eye cream for the night.

The eye cream for day:


Goodskin Labs Eye cream for the day

The day eye cream is beige in colour. This givesĀ it the feeling of being a kind of an illuminator. After applying the day eye cream, I do notice that my under-eye area is lighter and brighter.Ā Sort of going in the direction of what my YSL Touch Eclat does. This must be due to the Lumabright that the eye cream contains. I like the natural fresh and awake look it gives. The texture is nice and creamy, yet quite light-weighted. With this eye cream, a little goes a long way. Start off, by applying a little only. You can always add more. I used too much in the beginning and it dried before I was able to work the product into my skin. This left some kind of residue on my skin.



The eye cream for night:


Goodskin Labs eye cream for the night

The eye cream for the night is white in colour. I find the texture to be…interesting. It is quite Ā spongy. I feel my finger nearly bouncing back up when I try to get the cream on my finger. Nevertheless, I find it more rich than the day cream. This is exactly what I like. It gives me the feeling that my eyes are being provided with intense hydration overnight. It is easy to apply and even though it gets absorbed quickly, I did not find it to leave any residue as with the day eye cream.

(Cost: ca. 22Euro/10ml Day Eye Cream and 10ml Night Eye Cream)




Goodskin Labs Pore-365

Anybody who knows, will tell you straight away that I am not a lover of water. I really have to force myself to drink water and when I do manage to drink 3 glasses, I am the pretty pleased with myself. To give this Pore-365 a fair chance, I started drinking 2l of water on a daily basis. This was all worth it! I apply this whitish serum under the True Hydration gel cream.

Textures of different Pore Minimizers

The texture is like that of a serum and it glides on smoothly. The other Pore Minimizers I have, I apply after my moisturizer before my foundation. Also the textures here are either gel-like or a creamy balm. They also glide on smoothly, but itĀ“s more there to perfect your face as a canvas in preparation for your foundation.

I apply a pea size amount mostly in the centre of my face and find the overall condition has improved.

Another plus for theĀ Pore-365 gel cream is the fact that it gives me the feeling that something is being done about my pores and not just sitting on my skin.

(Cost: 29,99Euro/30ml)

True Hydration

True Hydration 24H Gel Cream

Promotion Pack

Promotion Pack

The True Hydration 24H-Gel Cream was part of the promotion pack to introduce circleplex-2. I use this after I apply the Pore-365 serum. The 2 products used together leaves my skin feeling soft and looking really smooth. It reminds me of my skin just after a scrub and a mask. I loved this when it was sunny and hot, because I felt it helped me stay matt as opposed to when I use creams. The consistency of the True Hydration 24H Gel Cream is a gel, which gives it that light effect. This combination is a winner for me, especially with my oily T-Zone. In winter I do feel that my skin needs a more creamier hydration, in spite of my oily T-Zone and the fact that this Gel Cream provides moisture for 24 hours.

(Cost: 9Euro/15 ml and 29,99Euro/50ml)

The bottom line …

I loved the contact lens packaging! I think I have mentioned in other posts that I am a sucker for packagingĀ and this could be a reason for me getting the eye creamšŸ˜Š.

The True Hydration 24H gel cream was perfect in summer as it was not too heavy, but for winter I prefer something richer.

The Pore-365 is a repurchase for me, as I really felt my pores were being worked at and I could see a clear improvement in my skin.


What are your experiences with Goodskin Labs products? I would love to hear which products you are using and please share your experience with them.


Until the next time and stay as awesome as you are.



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  • Reply Bridgette Jacobs 19. October 2015 at 17:19

    Love the products you use.You look years younger.

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      Thanx Mum. It is your genes
      Love you :-*

  • Reply Bridgette Jacobs 19. October 2015 at 17:21

    Love the products you use.You look years younger. Love

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