Poncho Looks: 3 ways how to wear yours

16. November 2015 in Style
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So autumn is here and the leaves have turned red and yellow and I just love the glow that it causes in the air. I also just love my new poncho I got the other day😍 I love the grey colour which is easy to combine. Also the style allows you to not only wear it the way it is usually worn as a poncho, but in this post I can show you how I jazz it up with a few extra items or just drape it in a different way. So if you want ideas on how to wear your poncho, continue reading …

1. A Poncho as a scarf

To wear my Poncho as a scarf, I folded the neck part towards the inside and just draped it around my shoulders. As easy as pie.

Poncho draped as a scarf


2. Tying a poncho with a belt

When you tie your poncho with a belt, you not only break the break the grey, but you also emphasize your waist and add a few folds, causing your poncho to fall in an A-Line pattern. You can tie the poncho so that the folds fall in the front or at the back.

Tying a poncho with a belt

3. Using a safety pin and a broach to give your poncho a bit of oomph

I have a XXL-Safety pin (8cm) which i used to pin the outer ends of the poncho in the middle, but you can play around by pinning it on the sides or anywhere for that matter. And to jazz it up a bit I added a brooch as well. In this case, I used a black flower to compliment the black on my tights, but I tried it with other brooches as well and they also add a nice touch.


Pinning a poncho with a XXL-Safety Pin

I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to spruce up your poncho. If you have any favorite ideas on how to wear your poncho, please let me know. I would love to try them.

Have a great day and stay as awesome as you are,


Ps: Photo Credit: Björn Linde. Thank you ♥


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