Something fishy like fried anchovies…

24. November 2015 in Food
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I love food… I love cooking it and most of all, I love it when people cook for me. The absolutely best is, when it happens to be one of my favorite meals ever…ANCHOVIES…Fried anchovies. My friend Kay calls them Hamsis though. That is what they call it in Turkey. He came over the other day and prepared these delicious babies👏👏👏 Anchovies are quite cheap, you just have to get a good season. they usually tell me when the season was not that good. If you don’t have a shop where you usually do your shopping, then just ask. If you are very critical, then see if the anchovies are nice and fat ☺️ We had it with a mixed salad and home made french fries. Heaven !!! Continue reading if you want to see how we prepared this easy and scrumptious meal.


  • Fresh anchovies (here we used 0,5 kg)
  • 1 cup of corn flour or corn polenta
  • lemon(s)
  • Vegetable oil like sunflower, canola/rapeseed oil
  • Salt to season











Step 1

Sprinkle salt over the fish. His mom says that the salt does not stick afterwards.


Sprinkle salt on the fishies










Step 2

Sprinkle the flour or polenta and mix through.


Sprinkle the polenta or flour on the anchovies

IMG_7058 (1)

Sprinkle the polenta or flour over the anchovies

IMG_7059 (1)

Mix through with hands







Step 3

Heat enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan.

Step 4

Place the anchovies next to each other until the pan is full and fry until crisp and golden brown.


Fry the anchovies until they are golden brown










Step 5

Drain excess oil on kitchen towel. In the meantime I whipped up a salad.


Preparing a salad on the side










 Step 6

Season with extra salt if needed and squeeze some lemon on top. I like to enjoy it with a chilled glass of sauvignon blanc.


Delicious !













I am a total anchovy fan… in oil, salted, with capers you name it. I have noticed though not everybody else likes them as much as I do. What about you? How do you like to eat them? Or do you happen to be one of those who are just not that into them?

Until the next time. Have a great day and stay as awesome as you,

♥ Danielle ♥



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