Boyfriend coat: 3 Styles

8. March 2016 in Style
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I have been eyeing this boyfriend coat for ages. My heart has been shouting: I am in lovešŸ˜, but my wallet has been telling me noooo… So how great was my delight when I finally went to bring my new beautiful baby home and it was reducedšŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘Ā Thank you Zara!

This short boyfriend coat is easy to wear or just throw over short, long, sporty, smart, casual outfits. Because it is oversized you can fit everything like t-shirts, tops, sweaters, hoodies, jerseys (all at once) underneath. Everybody who leaves the house early in the morning and return only late at night can relate to this layering problem. Also if you have had to much to eat, you can just button up because thereĀ“s plenty of spacešŸ˜‚ To show you just how versatile this coat is, I will show you 3 totally different looks on how to style it.

Look 1: Out at night



IMG_8159Dressing up my boyfriend coat to paint the town red. This look shows the oversized Ā coat covering a stylish bordering on sexy outfit to go out and have fun.Ā The top is from Zara. The thick
structured material just gives it a wonderful classy look.


Also the writing: I just love you_ We are living our adventure is so cute.



I paired the top with a leather skirt I ordered from the HM premium page. In case you did not know by now, HM has a premiumĀ collection where silk, leather and cashmere is sold.

Also the peeptoe ankle boots/sandals
are from HM which I ordered from the premium collection.Ā The boyfriend coat isĀ totally easy to wear without ending in an “overdone” look. It gives you that kind of casual, just grab theĀ coat before you leave the house, but that does not mean thatĀ your outfit will get a casual look.

Of course you canĀ also use your oversized boyfriendĀ coat as a blankyĀ šŸ˜‚




Look 2: Sporty Street style


Styling my boyfriend coat with sportswear


Camel, floral prints and white

So now I have written about how easy and casual the boyfriend coat is, but how about I confuse you and now write that you can in fact also upgradeĀ your tracksuit to a cool street style outfit.



Teamed with whacky floral print with white accessories including the leaf






I am actually the kind who thinks that sportswear should be worn to sports and all this time owned only one tracksuit pants. Recently my “origins” friends decided that club meetings are to be held in Adidas pants only. So I was forced to go and shop for a sweatpants. To my delight, I saw so many whacky tracksuits and found a sweatpants with matching top.

I though it was hilarious that strangers started shouting pose ideas

Accessories: Bag from TodĀ“s and Sneakers from Reebok



It got so cold later on and I was grateful for the big collar that covered my ears

I always have a few good laughs when taking pictures for my posts

Look 3: Smart Casual

The last look that I am pairing with this oversized camel coat is smart casual. I am also such a fan of ribbed jeans, which at first glance seems like really casual, but I love the edginess they give an outfit when combined with more conservative pieces such as: high heels or blouses.
This blouse was a gift from my sister Faith :-* I was so happy because I have been wanting to get one with a big checked design.

Accessories in camel, beige or striped

Checked shirts would probably be always around and these big square in white and black gives it a smart touch.

Another advantage of this coat is the fact that the shoulders are fitted, but the rest is oversized so if you just throw it over your shoulders it will stay and you can comfortably move your arms


This collarĀ“s size is just right in case you want to flap a shirtĀ“s collar over it


Oversized coat with fitted shoulders

under the coat.

The shoes are from Charles and Keith. I have the same pair with a white strap, because I could not make up my mindšŸ™ˆĀ For this outfit I liked the black strap which rounded off the stripes on the shirt. This jeans is from Pull and Bear and the bag is from Nine West. Faith got the shirt from Truworths.


Watt do you think of boyfriend coats and if you own one already, how do you like to wear yours. I love seeing new ideas.

Thanx for reading, have a great day and stay as awesome as you are,


Ps: Photo Credit: Thu and Kay. Thank youĀ ā™„

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