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Boyfriend coat: 3 Styles

8. March 2016 in Style


I have been eyeing this boyfriend coat for ages. My heart has been shouting: I am in love😍, but my wallet has been telling me noooo… So how great was my delight when I finally went to bring my new beautiful baby home and it was reduced👏👏👏 Thank you Zara!

This short boyfriend coat is easy to wear or just throw over short, long, sporty, smart, casual outfits. Because it is oversized you can fit everything like t-shirts, tops, sweaters, hoodies, jerseys (all at once) underneath. Everybody who leaves the house early in the morning and return only late at night can relate to this layering problem. Also if you have had to much to eat, you can just button up because there´s plenty of space😂 To show you just how versatile this coat is, I will show you 3 totally different looks on how to style it.

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Faux fur Vest for sunny autumn days

14. October 2015 in Style

The sun is saying it´s adieus, the weather is starting to become quite chilly even though there are still  some rays. And…once the sun is gone it´s really cold. This is the perfect time of year to get out your faux fur vest, which from now stays out until after winter. The colder it becomes, the more layers I wear underneath. Perfect Continue reading if you want to see some ideas how you can wear your faux fur vest in different ways. Read more…

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