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Poncho Looks: 3 ways how to wear yours

16. November 2015 in Style





So autumn is here and the leaves have turned red and yellow and I just love the glow that it causes in the air. I also just love my new poncho I got the other day😍 I love the grey colour which is easy to combine. Also the style allows you to not only wear it the way it is usually worn as a poncho, but in this post I can show you how I jazz it up with a few extra items or just drape it in a different way. So if you want ideas on how to wear your poncho, continue reading …

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How to: Combine a scuba bell-skirt

11. August 2015 in Style

How to combine a scuba bell-skirt


Floral prints are always pretty in summer. This means it is the perfect opportunity to show you 3 ideas how to combine this scuba bell-skirt. This skirt falls just under the knee. Not only does the A-line skirt give the flare at the bottom, but also the neoprene material adds more volume. This causes the skirt to appear even fuller at the bottom. This keypiece is vibrant on its own and therefore one only needs to add basics to have a pretty outfit. Read more to find out how I combined this scuba bell-skirt.


Blumendrucke sind immer hübsch im Sommer. So entsteht jetzt die perfekte Gelegenheit 3 Looks zu zeigen, wie man diesen hübschen scuba Glockenrock kombinieren kann. Der Rock endet unterhalb der Knie. Durch den A-Linien Schnitt ist der Rock eh untern ausgestellt und durch den Neoprenstoff fällt der Rock noch voluminöser um die Waden. Mit der leuchtenden Farbe braucht man nur noch Basics dazu für einen hübschen Look. Lese weiter um die 3 Outfits zu sehen die ich mit dem scuba Glockenrock kreiert habe..

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